• basically the same assystem designIt’s a lot like playing at points. Where does the data come from, how to generate positive and negative samples, how to select and generate features, what to use for the model, what to use for the loss, what metrics to use, how to serve the model, how to solve various biases, it’s quite good Routine. If you think about each point and summarize it yourself, you can basically answer it.
  • but I was surprised that I didn’t even take the coding test. I asked about a project on my resume, and then there was a question about ML design. I was dumbfounded because I didn’t have any questions at all. To prepare, you can only brainstorm and follow the interviewer step by step. . .
  • The group was from Uber Eat and asked about predicting meal preparation time. I was given some order samples
  • and then asked how to choose a feature. Anyway, the question was quite detailed. I was unprepared and had no experience in this area. Although I felt okay chatting with my compatriots. . .
  • After waiting for more than a week, I received a rejection letter. Hahaha, if the verification fails again, don’t push me. A push is a rejection letter. . . By the way, move on
  • , does it have a freezing period? The recruiter said he would contact me in 4-5 months.
  • Friends who are preparing for the interview, I took a look at my overall results.

    1. Project deep dive + design facebook message
      1. Us
      2. Write a UI, a C-shaped diagram composed of small grids [][][] [] [][][]
  • The user will click on the small grids one by one, click The color will change, and when all the small grids are clicked, they will return to the original color in the order of points.
  • I am hardcoding the ui element. In JavaScript, click changes the color of the element and adds an array to record the elementId. After everything is clicked, open a setTimeout and change the color of the cells back according to the instructions in the array.
  • follow up: What should I do if the user clicks again during the settimeout that changes the cell color? Answer: First

System design:

  • New Problem. Designing a recommendation order for Uber products is actually the same as search and promotion. I answered it according to the 8-step method on GitHub. In the end, it was too late to finish, so it is best to take a rest. Asked a lot of questions. I was exhausted, but the whole system was explained.
  • design a best seller page of amazon.
  • ML fundamental + Design an end-to-end ML system to solve how to judge whether payment has signs of fraud.
  • I remember the interview with ML System Design about how to make recommendations on the homepage of Uber Eats. For example, as soon as you open the app, there will be personalized recommendations for restaurants or dishes. We discussed how to collect training data, feature engineering, what model to use, and how to test. How to do offline and online testing specifically.
  • In the ML breath, I covered some basic ML concepts, and then I was asked to write the k-means algorithm and run test data on site.
  • Fortunately, the poster has read the ML part of Google Map’s paper before. First, assume using graph computation to get several candidate routes, and then calculate the ETA for each route using multiple horizons. After dividing the supersegment, then GNN training, and adding the ETA, but Because of the length of the interview, the author did not mention the GNN part. The main focus was on how to extract features, process features, and establish labels and target loss functions. During this period, the interviewer also asked to write the pseudocode during inference.
  • Designing an Uber automatic price adjustment system requires both real-time and batch data, as well as designing algorithms and features.
  • ML Design, how to design a recommendation system and present activities that can be participated in on the mobile APP. To be honest, I feel that all kinds of ML Design are very routine. I talk about data, loss, feature, model structure, and finally add some data bias and position bias. This time I changed my job and I complained.
  • Design a driver/rider match system
  • How to design Uber