🤓 AI Models

A table of contents for reviews on research papers within AI.
📌 Table of Contents
- TaskMatrix.AI, an overview
Mix of ToolFormer and ChatGPT
- Diffusion Models
Forward diffusion; Reverse diffusion; Stable Diffusion; DALL-E 2; CLIP; MidJourney
- ChatGPT
GPT3; Reinforcement Learning Human Feedback
- Bard predecessor
LaMDA; Bard; Meena; Google's Chatbots
- LLaMA: Open and Efficient Foundation Language Models
SwiGLU activation; Pre-normalization; Rotary Embedding
- Visual ChatGPT
VFM; Prompt Manger
- GPT-4
Multimodal text and image Transformer model
📸 Credits
The in-line diagrams are taken from resources mentioned in the reference section within each topic.
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